More a piece of jewelry than a fountainpen

A piece of jewelry


Fountainpen or piece of jewelry

Christian Masche develops fine writing instruments using gold nibs from German manufacturers. Precious metals, exotic leather, native and exotic trees, ebonite and precious stones are used.
The result is a small work of art consisting of a writing instrument and a matching sleeve, designed for the clothes of the stylish wearer. The techniques of metal turning, wood turning, goldsmithing and precious stone setting are required in the production. The matching sleeves are specially made in Kyoto / Japan from historical kimono silk.

Christian Masche

Christian Masche, born in 1971, lives and works in the Oderbruch, a sparsely populated area on the border with Poland. After completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he worked in the joinery of Hans Joachim Eichberg in Berlin Pankow on the reconstruction of Wilhelminian style portals for the Museum of Communication. In 1992 Masche began an internship at the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation in Berlin-Brandenburg. The aim was to study to become a restorer for wooden objects. But until 2000 there was the opportunity to learn and work in the foundation as an employed restorer. Then he was drawn to the homeland of his ancestors, the Oderbruch. There he began to work as a freelance restorer for wooden objects and gradually developed the design of objects and everyday objects. Little by little, new materials and techniques were used. The technique of turning was supplemented by silversmiths and others. The material wood was supplemented with e.g. silver, stingray leather and gemstones. There are currently two main focuses of his work, the design and construction of unique urns and writing instruments. Christian Masche shows his work at national and international exhibitions. He is a member of the Professional Association of Applied Arts Berlin Brandenburg, the Federal Association of Applied Arts and the Master Council Berlin Brandenburg e.V..

Carved and gilded
copy of a 18cent.